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Private 1-2-1 session

Private 1-2-1 session

You will have an orientation with one of our expert coaches, who will gain an understanding of your goals, your health, challenges and any obstacles that have got in the way of you reaching your fitness goals.
You'll be amazed at what you can achieve, working together with a professional trainer keeping you on track by checking in on progress, and helping you overcome any obstacles.. Everything is achievable no matter what your fitness level, just give yourself the opportunity to go for it.
" I didn’t do anything else, but only, training 2 to 3 times with Karen per week for 4 months. The result was definitely better than I expected. "

Karen is simply amazing, the results she helped accomplished were incredible!! Her method is very affective. Karen always made sure my sessions were dynamic and also there was always something new to keep intertained. I was never a gym person and I get bored from doing workout easily. I was even a member of a gym for more than 2 years and only went 3-4 times.

The result was ridiculous overwhelming for me. My body fat dropped 10%, BMI dropped from 26% to 18%. The overall health condition was a lot better, comparing to the last one.

If you're looking to get in better shape or get healthier, I highly recommend you to try out KD PRO-FITNESS





After the initial consultation, I will tailor each part of your programme to your specific goals, training experience and lifestyle. Every aspect is considered an important part of your journey with me


You'll receive nutritional programming that is entirely bespoke to you and your lifestyle. Whether it be guidance or full planning, I will work with you to create a plan or method of managing your diet which suits you.


We offer support that goes beyond the training session. We provide guidance for your non-training days; all-round support will help you build better habits and maintain them.


Continuous observation is crucial to making sure you get the most from your time with us. Your trainer will assess your progress through measurable means that are specific to you and your goals.

These are my packages

The JumpStart Programme (4 Sessions a month)

This programme is ideal for those who are committed to training on their own but lack of direction or have hit a plateau. This will be perfect for those starting out. It is specialised designed for people whose fitness needs a jumpstart or are stuck in a rut and not seeing results.You will have one personal training session per week with your prescribed trainer and a training plan to work on between sessions.

The Fat Burner Programme (8 Sessions a month)

This programme starts you training twice a week. This programme will achieve quick fat loss results for those who want to lose weight for an event, holiday or just to feel and see you in a better shape. It is ideal for anyone still stuck in the yo/yo dieting culture. Big part of the programme focuses on education so we can identify and emend poor nutritional and lifestyle habits that will finally allow you to keep the weight off for good. I will tailor your programme every step of the way. You'll receive full support that goes beyond the physical session. This is the ideal package for those wanting to get results whilst fitting training into a busy schedule.

Transformation Programme (12-16 Sessions a month)

conduct this intense programme primarily designed to achieve significant body transformation and improved fitness. It requires hard work and dedication on your part by training with me 3 times a week or more. Not only you will have a leaner, healthier body, but you will also benefit from a change in mindset towards exercise. Those with more specific goals may require more coaching time with us; from sports performance, muscle-gain and fat-loss; to improving movement and forming new habits. Those who commit to this more intensive package will achieve quicker results with our over-arching ethos of sustainability in mind.

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