Getting Started

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KD PRO FITNESS focuses on fitting the training and nutrition to the client and not the other way around.

Consultation – Getting to know you

The first step in your journey with us is about getting to know you and understand why you feel you need a personal trainer. We will look at health fitness, nutrition and lifestyle through assessments.

Results – Staying Active

When we reach your fourth and final step we identify how you can realistically maintain and progress your health and fitness beyond your work with us by taking all vital measurements again. Taking a fresh look at your results this allows us to identify your progress and make any necessary changes to your programme and compare results!

Design – Planning for success

During your second step we turn our attention to creating a smart plan of action to help you stay on track and make necessary changes you need to achieve your goals.

Deliver – Time to start burning calories

Here’s your third step, we will be experimenting a huge range of exercises that target the specific areas of the body that you want to transform.

Helping You Achieve Your Goals




KD PRO FITNESS focuses on fitting the training and nutrition to the client and not the other way around. We’ve built our foundation around the fact that every single person we come in contact with is a different individual: different goals, body, hormones, social responsibilities, dietary history, schedules and views on what “being fit” really means.

Transforming your body comes from having a strategic plan, designed individually for your body and your lifestyle.After that, it’s consistency and commitment that creates the results you’re searching for. Most of the time, people make it out to be more complicated than it needs to be…

This is exactly where we come in to provide the solution for your personal breakthrough. We create a completely individualized plan in a simplified way so you can actually stick to it long-term (both training and nutrition). And part of what has made our coaching so successful over the years is that we provide the constant support, education, and accountability that’s needed in order to see real results that actually last.



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